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Patient Reviews: The following are genuine reviews kindly received without any compensation from patients treated by Dr. McMurtrey, reflecting his careful attention to detail, expertise in a wide variety of complex minimally-invasive surgical procedures, and exceptional outcomes. We also post interesting cases, informative videos, and the latest research on our Instagram page and Facebook page as well as longer YouTube videos providing more detailed information and examples of the many treatments and interventional procedures that Dr. McMurtrey performs.

"I broke my back in several places years ago. The past few months I have been in excruciating pain searching for something to get me back to a quality of life. I’m 29 years old walking around like I’m 60. Dr. McMurtrey is the most thorough intentional Doc I’ve ever been to. Yesterday I couldn’t walk, but today after treatment I’m practicing a dance routine for my upcoming wedding. If you have an issue and other doctors have said surgery is your best option, please at least go talk to Dr. McMurtrey. He might just change your life." --Austin L.

"Smartest and most genuine doctor I’ve met. I have truly been amazed by the extent that Dr. McMurtrey has over-delivered to help me in my unique case. I’ve seen dozens and dozens of the most elite doctors and specialists on earth over the years; however, the level of utmost care and service Dr. McMurtrey has provided me at the Alpine Spine & Orthopedics Institute has been one-of-a-kind. On tolp of this, I have never met anyone in the medical world who is as smart as this man. His deep understanding of the human body and cutting edge regenerative medicine is as high-level as it gets, yet, he carries a level of humility that’s very rare in any doctor or specialist. Most importantly, Dr. McMurtrey is someone that has integrity you can feel right off the bat, which, in my opinion is of number one importance, especially in the perplexing field of medicine. I will continue to refer Dr. McMurtrey to friends, family and anyone who is seeking out the most cutting edge medical care with integrity and of the highest order." --Spencer G.

"My boy broke his back (Pars Fracture ) in a basketball game. We did not want pins in our kids back or a fusion. We went approximately 8 months and the bone never healed. He was in nauseating pain. Luckily we were able to find Dr. Richard McMurtrey. We were able to do stem cells and PRF in my son's broken back. We are approximately 7.5 weeks in and he now has zero pain in his back, where it once was debilitating. I would highly suggest giving stem cells a try." --Chuck L.

"I found Dr. McMurtrey after doing a lot of research to find the best in the stem cell therapy realm. I’m very pleased to say that he did not disappoint. From my initial contact with him, he’s been absolutely phenomenal. He takes his time to explain everything throughly, he is very patient and attentive to ensure all questions and concerns are fully addressed and you're at ease. I am now 5 weeks post procedure and feel fantastic. The procedure itself was painless in my opinion. I personally had no pain in the days that followed, only consistent improvement. I had zero down time aside from the day off for the procedure. I’ve been back in the gym since the week after, beginning with lower weights and slowly increasing reps to ensure I allow proper time for everything to heal up. My shoulder and back pain are gone, and everything is feeling great! Dr. McMurtrey has stayed in touch with me, checked in on my progress and made himself available for follow up questions. He is a top notch physician, incredibly knowledgeable and passionate in his field, and a genuinely nice guy. I can’t recommend him highly enough, he’s a 10/10 in my book." --Joseph V.

"So incredibly impressed with Dr. McMurtrey! He’s everything you want in a provider and more! I have a level 10 gymnast and a high school wrestler both seen for sports related injuries. My son in particular had a wrestling incident over a year ago causing pain in his shoulder. The pain became increasingly worse, and we finally had an MRI in December 2023. He was diagnosed with a torn labrum and rotator cuff, and told by our orthopedic surgeon that he needed shoulder surgery. I just didn’t feel comfortable going down the surgery route with a 17-year-old and wanted to look at alternative treatments. This led us to Dr. McMurtrey. We are now 7 weeks post injections and he is 100% pain-free and easing back into his activities. I’m an absolute believer in PRP and PRF!!! This is the future of medicine and regenerative health! Bravo for Dr. McMurtrey in providing cutting edge solutions!" --Heather S.

"If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Dr. McMurtrey found things in my MRI that multiple other doctors had missed. He's extremely thorough and has an expert level of knowledge. He crafted a treatment plan specific to my back injury. The PRF technique and peptides that we're using in my treatment are at the cutting edge of regenerative medicine. I had read about them online but couldn't find any doctors in Utah offering them. With Dr. McMurtrey you're getting the best, most effective regenerative treatments available, administered by someone who really cares about your outcome and will take the time to do it right." --Jason B.

"Relief, after 20 plus years I finally got some relief. With pain levels running from 2-10 on any given day, I found Dr McMurtrey and with his thorough examination (hours) with my many challenges and my body misfortunes. He was very methodical in looking though my many MRI’s and X-ray. He never rushed, he was gentle and giving. He discovered many of my challenges and we formulated a plan and an approach. He took the time to explain and discuss all the variables in the process and how many steps it may take. We made the appointment once we had the plan. The process went as we planned and he was very gentle and I felt very secure in his hands. Today my body thanks him everyday. It feels the best it has in many many years." --Bill L.

"I’ve had neck and back issues for years and have seen a variety of doctors trying to find answers and relief with no real success. After one visit with Dr. McMurtrey I’ve started to see improvement. He’s very thorough and takes the time to understand your issues. I highly recommend Dr. McMurtrey." --Jeff P.

"Two years ago my brother in law recommended that I see Dr. McMurtrey after I severely injured my neck. I was positive that I was going to need surgery because I was in excruciating pain. Dr. McMurtrey did an ultrasound on my neck and identified the nerves that were damaged. Through a series of treatments I started to feel improvement and three months later I was nearly pain free. Today I am back working out at the gym lifting weights, running, and golfing completely pain free. If I hadn’t met Dr. McMurtrey I would have most certainly had surgery. It was that bad. I have recommended friends and family and they have in turn had positive results working and being treated by Dr. McMurtrey. In addition to the medical treatments you will receive the very best one on one consultations without a time limit. Your heath is his only concern and you will get all the time needed to ask questions and get honest answers. Since my neck injury I have had other less serious health issues and I am grateful for the time and attention his gives me. Dr. McMurtrey practices medicine and treats his patients the way it should be done. He is my trusted physician and friend and I’m so grateful I was referred to him." --Ed C.

"My husband was scheduled with a surgeon for complete shoulder replacement and didn’t want to do that. Dr. McMurtrey was recommended to us and after speaking with the doctor and his nurse over the phone we decided this was worth the try. Dr. McMurtrey spent a very long time in the office explaining exactly how stem cell therapy works and exactly what he would be doing during the procedure. My husband had an injection in his shoulder and in one knee. His knee, which wasn’t too bad, felt better immediately. His shoulder that was going to be replaced has taken a couple of months to regenerate but we are so pleased that after 3 months his shoulder doesn’t hurt and he is enjoying life doing all the things he loves to do without pain. Thank you Dr. McMurtrey!." --Debbie M.

"My husband was diagnosed with a torn tendon in his left ankle. His doctor offered a sketchy surgery that had a slim chance of repairing the tendon with many follow-up surgeries after that. A friend told us about Dr. McMurtrey, so we opted for peptides and PRFs instead. The procedure that Dr. McMutrey performed was flawless and less invasive. We were thrilled. Later, my husband developed a different problem with arthritis and joint pain in his ankle that left him unable to walk. We went straight to Dr. McMurtrey who once again delivered a miracle and healed up the ankle with a Stem Cell procedure. We are so delighted with Dr. McMurtrey's knowledge, expertise, and care. We cannot recommend him highly enough." --Barbara S.

"I have received PRF with added Peptides twice from Dr McMurtrey. Last year I had intercostal muscle issues and could not swing a golf club. After one treatment and waiting for a couple days, I was pain-free and have not had any further issues with it. This year I overdid it with free weights and had a slight tear in my elbow. I once again traveled 800 miles just to see Dr. McMurtrey! Can’t say enough positive things about him, his clinic, and his advanced treatments! Thank you Doctor for letting me continue a very active lifestyle well into my 60s!" --Juli C.

"It would be difficult to overstate how important it is to see Dr. McMurtrey for any injury that could potentially benefit from regenerative medicine. The "expert opinions" of several orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists told me my only option to ever return to an active lifestyle was surgery, but after 8 weeks of working with Dr. McMurtrey I have slowly been able to return to activities that I haven't been able to tolerate for over 2 years. His use of ultrasound as a diagnostic tool offers a low cost, but more importantly an extremely thorough understanding of your injury. In my opinion, there is simply no other doctor in Utah who can provide you better care." --Keelan I.

"I really appreciated how in depth and thorough Dr. McMurtrey was with my imaging. He really took the time to understand what was going on with my chronic knee pain and come up with a treatment approach. He also took the time to explain the different treatment methods and how each of them worked. I would highly recommend to anyone else with joint pain, or looking for a surgery alternative." --Kolten H.

"I am beyond grateful to have found Dr. McMurtrey. He spent so much time with me reviewing my MRIs and also doing thorough imaging of his own through ultrasound. I am feeling better than I have in years with his help. He truly cares for and listens to his patients. In my opinion you will not find anyone as intelligent or as passionate about their craft in Utah. Dr. McMurtrey is a top notch doctor and person." --Landon G.

"Honestly Dr McMurtrey is the best doctor we have ever run across, and that’s saying a lot since we have had our fair share of ailments to address in our family, from Parkinson’s and major spine issues and more. With this, we have seen at least 40 doctors and specialists along with all the recommended tests and blood work. Yet we have been left with alot of unanswered questions and direction. Not so when you talk with Dr. McMurtrey! He is very knowledgeable and you will recognize this quickly while speaking with him. He is a very intelligent doctor who is constantly learning what else can be done. No Band-aid protocols. In addition, he is sincerely interested in the quality of your life. None of our other PD doctors has ever offered us even a slight hint of advanced science opportunities and treatments as Dr McMurtrey has for us. He definately is on the cutting edge of science. For example, a recently released medical journal is now stating you can use ultrasound to cross the blood brain barrier, yet Dr. McMurtrey figured this out years ago and has practiced this for a long time. To top it off, he has amazing bedside manners- He truly cares about his patients and treats them as if they are his own family! We haven’t experienced this kind of genuine care, concern, compassion, determination and intelligence in a doctor - EVER! He is the whole package." --Karen R.

"Dr McMurtrey (RJ) has helped me more than I ever thought any doctor could. He fixed both of my tennis and golf elbows, no pain. Next he discovered what was happening to my back, hip and shoulder. He used stem cells to treat them and I'm almost pain free now. The trajectory of my aging has been changed." --John J.

"Upon learning of the thoroughly researched and successful treatment results experienced by my neighbor, I called Dr. McMurtrey’s office to set an appointment to have my knees evaluated as a candidate for treatment using my own stem cells. Dr. McMurtrey personally answered all my questions, was very empathetic to my plight, and easily worked me into his calendar. With each of my follow up treatments, he has been very responsive to my questions and takes the time I need to make me feel we are accurately focused in pursuing the best approaches targeted for each treatment. He reviewed my MRIs with me in detail so we had a mutual understanding of what needed to be achieved. His care is skillfully carried out with pinpoint accuracy and his non-invasive procedures enabled my speedy recovery on each knee. His personal experience with athletic injuries gives him great insight and empathy into how I am feeling and progressing each day." --Elliott C.

"I have a lot of old and new injuries from years of Rugby, Dr. McMurtrey has been amazing in my recovery, extremely knowledgeable and offers so many great treatment options that helped me avoid big surgeries, I'm finally able to play again without pain, incredible work!" --Max Q.

"Excellent service! Dr. McMurtrey is very knowledgeable and personable. Took great care of me. And explained everything thoroughly. Definitely will be my go to clinic for sport injuries." --Jim E.

"Dr. McMurtrey utilizes his wide array of knowledge, expertise and experience to be able to deep dive into your specific symptoms in order to find the root of your injury. He then spends more than enough time with you to create a specialized treatment plan to address the root injury and get you feeling 100%. 10/10 would recommend visiting him." --Bronson B.

"Dr McMurtrey has been phenomenal and over-delivered in many unique and complex cases, treating both myself and many family members who have all benefited from his deep knowledge and extensive skillset. We are all immensely grateful to have found such a kind and brilliant doctor who is a leader in his field and who goes the extra mile with such care and thoroughness." --Jenny R.

"What medical care should be! Dr. McMurtrey has a deep knowledge base, is a careful listener and super conscientious with tracking the details of each case all while being easy to talk with and compassionate. We’re fortunate to have him in Utah County! Excellent care!" --Martha J.

"Dr. McMurtrey provides medical care in a way that is rare to find. He listens carefully to you and takes into consideration the whole person. He explains fully the treatment options he offers for your condition. He has an extensive knowledge and experience base and uses it fully to determine what treatment plan would be most beneficial for you. He uses the most cutting edge treatments available, one being musculoskeletal ultrasound which can identify issues that don’t show up on other imaging methods. He is thorough and compassionate and takes care to do treatments in the least stressful way. If you’re looking for answers to many muscular and injury problems I highly recommend Dr. McMurtrey. He was able to identify compressed nerves that have not been identified by numerous doctors and imaging and many years of searching. I am in the process of treating these and finally getting pain relief! This is how healthcare should be done!" --Luci D.

"I'm super impressed with Dr. McMurtrey! It’s amazing to go to a doctor that puts in the time and effort to help patients. My appointment was a completely different experience than I’ve had at other doctors’ offices. There was no waiting, and he was interested and eager to find the cause of my pain. This is how all doctors should be. I can’t recommend Alpine Spine & Orthopedics Institute enough!" --Nick J.

"I wish this had been the first doctor I went to! I got more useful and detailed information here than any of the other places I went, I was able to see my injury right away on the ultrasound screen, and after talking for almost an hour about my injury and all the treatment options I was able to get an injection right in the clinic and I already feel much better!" --Mick R.

"I saw Dr. McMurtrey for an ankle replacement that remained sore two years after surgery as well as for a compromised shoulder and ulnar and median nerves, which were preventing me from sleeping. He spent three hours reviewing my history, and with elegant connections of disparate evidence, came up with a theory that explained my widely separated neuropathies. He spent another two hours doing diagnostic ultrasound on the problem areas before injecting them with a combination of analgesics that relieved my pain. When I told him that he was at the far end of the bellcurve in terms of spending time and thought on a patient's complex problems, he humbly thanked me, and then said that the current medical model hadn't allowed him to practice medicine as he had dreamt he could. I would say that he's realizing his dreams for himself and his patients." --Ted K.

"I am so glad I found Alpine Spine & Orthopedics. Dr. McMurtrey is incredible and so passionate about what he does. You can tell he truly cares about you as a patient and isn't there to sell you anything or do any unnecessary procedures. He wants you to get better and is meticulous about what he does and the manner in which he does it. I was amazed at his attention to detail and so thankful I went this route. I would recommend him to anyone dealing with pain or any type of injury or degeneration!" --Tara J.

"Most knowledgeable doctor I've ever visited. He was meticulous and compassionate through the whole process, and he did some incredible work with several procedures on my spine, which gave me even better improvement than I hoped for in my neck and back and helped me avoid some bigger surgeries I was offered." --John C.

"Dr. McMurtrey is phenomenal! He actually takes enough time to get to know you, your symptoms, and really takes into consideration your desired outcome. Of course we are all very familiar with the 5min Dr. routine that ends in a prescription and you're on your way. But at Alpine Spine & Orthopedics it is so much more of an experience and in depth discussion that covers the beginning of your symptoms, what you're doing now and what your hopes for the short and longterm future are. He also explains in detail the why's behind his methodology on why we are going to take a certain route to recovery. No BS here and I love it." --McKay J.

"I was a professional fighter, I was a college football player, and I went and competed in strongman competitions, but extended periods of sitting continued to irritate my discs. And throughout that time I had sciatic pain down the left of my leg, which had atrophied my calf muscles, they weren't properly firing. And I've always had a dull ache across the top of my thigh in my hip flexor, and my glut had atrophied as well, and so I spent 20 years trying to keep my body together, until finally I met Dr. McMurtrey. We got some stem cells going, and now that neuropathy, that nerve pain that has felt like I've been walking in wet concrete, well now my back, in my recent recollection, has never felt this good." --Kasey J.

"Dr. McMurtrey is incredible!! Every doctor on earth could learn from him. We feel so blessed to be under his care. He sincerely has the patient’s best interest at heart. His goal is to improve patient health. He’s amazing and a gift to medicine. This doctor is unlike any other. I’m 68 years old and have had many doctors in many different fields. Dr. McMurtrey truly cares about the improvement of his patients. A breath of fresh air and wicked smart. He thinks outside the box. So grateful that we found him." --Dave and Debra J.

"I was prescribed a peptide protocol after a full ACL tear, and I am on month 5 of recovery so far, and both my surgeon and my physical therapist are blown away with the how well my recovery has progressed. Dr. McMurtrey is incredibly knowledgeable in his field and does an amazing job at finding the perfect protocol catered for your specific situation. He has been very responsive and professional with every question I've had along the way. Alpine Spine & Orthopedics does it the right way." --Thomas C.

"Dr. McMurtrey was highly recommended to me by two people. He has done many trainings in Europe for technology that other doctors aren't offering in Utah. I feel so fortunate to have found him. He truly cares about helping his patients. He looked at my problem area with an ultrasound and showed me exactly where I had a muscle tear that was causing nerve entrapment, which I didn't know I had. He gave me a nerve block which immediately relieved pain that I've been dealing with for over a year. He also injected PRF & PRP. It took several weeks to heal, but eventually it did and now I'm completely pain free. I tried many other things before I saw him and nothing else worked. If I saw him first I would have saved myself some time and money. He also called me back the same day every time I had a question." --Michelle W.

"After 30 years of back issues, I've unfortunately become an "expert" on lower back pain. I have tried it all-- physical therapy, medications, and a discectomy surgery. I have recently researched the benefits of stem cell and regenerative therapy. It's minimally invasive and can have profound outcomes. Finding the right provider is key! Dr. McMurtrey is amazing in all areas. His knowledge of regenerative medicine is exceptional, providing me a with the highest level of confidence in his abilities. Equally impressive is his personality. He is truly down to earth, kind, and compassionate. My procedure, 6-weeks ago, went very smoothly. I have had a remarkable change in such a short time. My lower back pain is now very minimal. Sometimes, after a long day at work, it gets a little tight, and my sciatic pain/discomfort has also reduced and can likewise flare after working. Calming pain and sciatica has lead to better sleep, which is critical for healing. It's hard to quantify my results at this time, but I can say that my recovery has already exceeded my expectations! Overall, my symptoms are significantly better, and I have recently returned to the gym. I have even experienced some days with no pain and sciatica! It's hard to quantify quality of life, but mine has increased! My advice, for what it worth: Do some research on regenerative medicine, have a consultation with Dr. McMurtrey, and hope once again." --Jeff G.

"Dr. McMurtrey is caring and very knowledgeable, takes the time to explain how to improve your issues, also thoroughly explained tools and procedures available that can help me for better results. He presents an honest opinion. I made an appointment for a second opinion on my meningioma (brain tumor), shoulder fracture, tibia fracture, plateau knee, head injury and osteoporosis. He reviewed my MRI's and explained step by step what needs to be done and which alternatives is good for me and why. I was very satisfied to know before any procedure he will prepare me with supplements and medicine to make sure that I was fit and there is not any underlying issues. I would recommend Dr. McMurtrey to anybody that cares for their health to get excellent treatment." --Hilda L.

"A couple of doctors recommended that fusion surgery was the only solution to my situation. Dr McMurtrey sat down with me for a great deal of time to help me understand what condition my back was in. He helped me feel comfortable with stem cell injections as another alternative to fusion surgery in my condition. Dr McMurtrey was so very kind and patient with all my questions and concerns even after my consultation with him. When I finally got the confidence, courage, and bravery I went through with the stem cell injections. The procedure went very smooth and I experienced no pain at all during the procedure. Dr McMurtrey took wonderful care of me as I had never experienced from any doctors in the past. The day of the procedure was on a Friday and Dr McMurtrey called me on the next day (Saturday) to check in on me after the procedure. To my amazement and the doctor’s, I had for the first time in a very long time, no pain at all. Now it has been 3 weeks into my recovery and I have been able to sit for longer periods of time, sleep well all throughout the night, and I can walk on the treadmill for 15-20 minutes on an incline of 2%. I have been granted the ability to drive again. I still have many more days of recovery to complete the course, but for right now I am well on my way. Dr McMurtrey, your extreme care, patience, and kindness with me was over the top. I know I was NOT the easiest patient. Hope has been restored back to my heart and mind again. Thank you for helping me get back into my life again." --Carrie B.

"I am very pleased with the services I have received from Dr. Richard McMurtrey. At age 71 my left ankle was feeling very poorly. I was increasingly feeling more pain and when I walked it was not supportive and my foot was becoming almost floppy. Through my health insurance I went through a lengthy process of Doctor visits, X-rays, an MRI with meetings and consultations. My First Doctor informed me that I had a torn tendon and I needed surgery. However, I was very concerned when shortly before the scheduled surgery, that Doctor informed me that even after surgery I would most likely need additional surgery in 12-18 months. Having already been in a Boot and having used a knee scooter for a couple of months I was hoping for a much better long term solution. I came to realize that many surgeries did not "fix" the problem. My pain and inconvenience focused me to learn more. Discussions with three different podiatrists, personal research and conversations with several people who had had foot surgery began to teach me how complicated the foot and ankle are. I needed more information and other opinions. A friend suggested Alpine Spine & Orthopedics Institute and Dr. McMurtrey. At my first consultation Dr. McMurtrey viewed my MRI and also used an ultrasound to further investigate my issues. He was very expansive as he explained what he learned and options available from his viewing the MRI and ultrasound. To start I elected to receive shots of PRF's and Peptides with additional visits and shots over a couple of months. This was to see if they could address my situation. If they didn't totally fix my issues, they were still useful as they also strengthening and supporting the area around the tendon that was highly deteriorated. The point was reached where a Stem Cell procedure was required. I had tried to avoid that step because of the cost and because they would need to draw marrow out of my hip bone. I'm a bit of a woos and that description of procuring my bone marrow troubled me. But the entire Stem Cell procedure turned out to be much easier than I had expected. My ankle is doing so much better. Seemingly everyday it is slightly stronger. I have made great progress. In summation, Dr. McMurtrey has obtained amazing education, training and expertise, he communicates very well and has taught me a great deal about my foot / ankle issues and placed me on the path of regaining the use of my previously severely injured ankle. Unfortunately, my health insurance company doesn't participate in paying any of the expense but believe me, it's more than worth every penny I have paid. I would suggest to any one who might have similar health problems, for a modest cost, at least take a current MRI and meet with Dr. McMurtrey for a consultation. The opportunity to likely rejuvenate an ankle, knee, spine, elbow, etc. or other part of your body is well worth your time and effort." --Kent S.

Doctor Reviews: Check out what other doctors are saying about Dr. Richard J. McMurtrey:

Benjamin D. Hoehn, MD, PhD – Stanford University:

"Dr. McMurtrey is an outstanding physician and brilliant researcher who quickly adopts the latest advancements in knowledge and techniques into his clinical practice for the best outcomes on his patients. His innovative work is a game-changer in the world of medicine and surgery, plus he is a caring and compassionate physician who provides meticulous care over the details of each patient's particular case."

Amy K. Guzik, MD – University of California San Diego Medical Center:

"Working with Dr. McMurtrey over four years I’ve come to discover that he is not only a talented physician but also a motivated scientist with unique perspective and ambitious yet achievable research goals. I first worked with him in the neurocritical care unit at the University of Virginia and was immediately impressed with his humble intelligence and attention to detail. He leads by example, and his level-headed approach to patient care was supplemented by his compassionate nature and an unassuming work ethic. Even in the often cut-throat environment of residency, he was able to apply his knowledge beyond the algorithms, continually proposing new questions and developing new scientific ideas. With a strong research background during his undergraduate and medical training, he sought out opportunities to investigate these questions further. He also thrived in the research environment, leading to publication within months after entering the lab. Dr. McMurtrey is inquisitive and creative; he is focused and dedicated to his goals. His interests are broad and ever-expanding… and his unique combination of practical yet innovative thinking and talented scientific design have led me to value Dr. McMurtrey’s thoughtful reviews of my own work as a research grant recipient. I believe that his skill set and perspective make him an ideal physician and furthermore will enable him to make outstanding contributions to science and medicine throughout his career."

Zhiyi Zuo, MD, PhD – University of Virginia Medical Center
Professor of Anesthesiology, Neuroscience, and Neurological Surgery:

"I had the pleasure of working with Dr. McMurtrey both in my laboratory and in the hospital for nearly two years. I can say with confidence that he is one of the most motivated and talented physicians I have worked with. I have no doubt that he will be successful in the advancement of his research efforts. Dr. McMurtrey was able to set up an experimental model and protocol using hippocampal neurons, refine and expand his methods to study the role of several cell signaling pathways, and solve several problems along the way. We were able to publish those results in the journal Brain Research. He showed outstanding initiative and focus in completing all aspects of the research project. He clearly possesses the motivation and skill to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to. In addition, Dr. McMurtrey is a pleasure to work with. He makes creative insights and does not shy away from difficult tasks. He is able to effectively lead, manage, and delegate duties, exceeding expectations with kindness and leadership in a manner that people respect and admire. His enthusiasm, knowledge, and innovative capability will certainly enable him to achieve his proposed goals, and I give him my full recommendation and endorsement."

John Jane Sr., MD, PhD – University of Virginia Medical Center
Professor & Chairman of Neurosurgery & Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Neurosurgery:
"Dr. McMurtrey was our top resident and we ranked him #1."

Aaron Dumont, MD – University of Virginia Medical Center
Professor of Neurosurgery & Editorial Board of the Journal of Neurosurgery:
"Dr. McMurtrey's clinical performance was excellent and his work in the lab was very productive."

Yang Liu, PhD – Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute:

"Dr. McMurtrey’s use of biocompatible materials in 3-dimensional nanopatterned scaffolds holds great potential to guide the formation of neural structures and networks both in vitro and in vivo, and combining this approach with the use of stem cells holds great potential for many therapeutic applications. In particular, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) hold many potential benefits for therapeutic applications in many diseases, but much study is still needed on how to best guide stem cells to survive and integrate into tissue as functional cells. I believe Dr. McMurtrey’s background in studying neuroprotection mechanisms and his work in neural tissue engineering are ideal for carrying out this work, and I am confident that the approach that Dr. McMurtrey is taking to create engineered neural networks is ideal for investigating these questions and advancing our understanding and capabilities in utilizing the vast potential of these cells. Normal and disease-specific stem cell lines could potentially be used to identify underlying pathophysiological mechanisms as well as to discern biomarkers, diagnostics, prognostics, drug targets, and actually help to develop therapeutic agents."

K. Ulrich Bayer, PhD – University of Colorado School of Medicine:

"Dr. McMurtrey chose to work in my lab during his medical school training, designing a project to study neuronal cell death, whereby he expanded his experience in biochemistry and molecular biology. He is extremely talented with the microscope and took some beautiful pictures (one was exhibited in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science). Much more impressively, he came up with a method for quantitative image analysis all on his own (after the method I had suggested proved not to be feasible for the specific application). Throughout his research he gained valuable experience in many lab skills and techniques, including hippocampal dissections, culturing of neurons, methods of studying enzyme molecular interactions and subsequent downstream effects, enzyme fluorescent labeling, creation of gene constructs and neuronal transfection, southern and western blots, immunohistochemistry, fluorescent microscopy, and many others. Dr. McMurtrey has always been easy to work with, friendly, kind, and never condescending. I am absolutely convinced he has the talents and problem-solving skills to accomplish his research projects fully and to make significant contributions to the scientific and medical fields."


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