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Please call or email for an appointment-- if we are busy with other patients we will get back to you ASAP!
Phone: 801-500-3001
Fax: 801-797-0787
Location: 920 E 800 N Suite #202, Orem, Utah 84097

Clinic Hours: 10am-5pm (Please note that many of our procedures take a significant amount of time, so please call ahead for scheduling. Hours may also vary due to work in Wilderness Medicine, Search & Rescue, Expedition Medicine, Locum Tenens, Mobile Clinics, Home Health Care, and Research & Conferences.)
After-Hours: We are always happy to stay late or come in early to help if we can. If the clinic is closed, we may be out working as described above, but call anytime describing your request and we will get back to you as soon as we are available!
Costs: We are one of the only clinics that can provide up-front pricing for any treatments and procedures so you never have to worry about any unknown or surprise costs. We do thousands of different types of procedures and we discount whenever we can. A basic cash/card pricing guide is as follows:

  • Phone Consultations (<10 min) & Second Opinions: FREE (usually at the end of the day after finished with patients/procedures)
  • General Consultations: $98 - $298 (depending on time and complexity)
  • Ultrasound Imaging: $49 (simple) - $198 (advanced) per area/joint/region
  • Imaging Order, Read, Analysis, Recommendations, & Explanations of MRI/CT scan: $98
  • Lab Orders with Detailed Analysis: $98 - $198
  • IV Infusions: $199 - $999 (depending on agents and dosing)
  • Peptide Rx Management: $599-799
  • Joint Injection (Any Joint with Image-Guidance): $799
  • Epidural Injection (Transforaminal or Interlaminar with Image-Guidance): $799
  • Arthroscopy & Endoscopic Procedures (Direct Visualization): $1499
  • Nerve Release (Image-Guided Procedures): $799
  • PRF/PRP Injections (Image-Guided Procedures): $799
  • Stem Cell Therapy (Image-Guided Procedures): $5500+
  • (Prices may be subject to change based on your specific treatment plan and set of procedures, meaning costs may be less for simpler procedures or more for high-complexity procedures.)

State-of-the-Art care at the lowest cost

Our top priority is quality patient care, and we are confident that you will be impressed with the detailed cutting-edge care that we provide. We see patients promptly and take the time to explore each problem with careful attention to the details of each case, and we believe we can disrupt the healthcare industry with our advanced diagnostics and wide array of new and innovative treatment options. We will also beat any competitor's charges for any equivalent diagnostics, treatments, and interventions-- follow our Instagram page, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, and YouTube channel for more interesting cases, information, and discounts. We accept all major credit cards and all HSA/FSA cards which can provide you with additional tax savings.

We provide personal in-office same-day services, including diagnostic imaging, sports medicine, orthopedics, urgent care, interventional pain procedures, complex spine care, image-guided injections and injury repair, minimally-invasive procedures, stem cell therapies, IV recovery therapies, concussion and cognition treatments, shockwave therapy, regenerative joint and tissue repair therapies, and many other specialized treatments. We strive to disrupt the healthcare industry by providing the best treatments, the latest technologies, fast access to care, and the best value to our patients at the lowest cost. Please be aware that many of the most effective and cutting-edge regenerative treatments are considered as elective and not yet covered by most insurance plans, so we have implemented transparent pricing and reduced rates to enable everyone to have access to these technologies. We are also working with insurance companies to expand our network and get newer procedures covered and will post updates when available. In the meantime, we can help you work with your insurance coverage even if we are not in your network-- we can discount treatments and provide you with a superbill form and documentation for you to request reimbursement through your own insurance plan, and this approach brings down the cost for everyone and enables patients to know payments ahead of time and only pay for direct care that benefits them rather than paying for unnecessary hospital costs, superfluous clinic consults, administrative costs, middlemen, insurance profits, denied pre-authorizations, and claim rejections, which add over $1 trillion in unnecessary costs to U.S. patients each year (1). Instead, we spend more time with patients and provide the highest quality advanced medical care for less than what you would pay even with the best insurance, and you can still submit these claims to your insurance company directly for reimbursement. In this way, there are no secret costs, no surprise bills, no sales pitches, and no contracts or commitments-- all costs are clear and upfront so you can compare with other providers to see the discounts for yourself and see the unique value of the many advanced therapeutic interventions we provide, and you can simply choose which treatment options you want or don't want.

Unlock your potential

Restore your best health

Additional Information

As both a clinic and research institute, we are dedicated to data-oriented outcome-driven results in order to improve therapeutic interventions and better understand exercise science, sports medicine, interventional procedures, pain management, injury recovery, spine and joint pathologies, aging medicine, and health optimization, and as such we seek to analyze and improve all patient outcomes and we appreciate updates on your condition. We may use de-identified medical data (with all personal information removed) to conduct internal retrospective and/or prospective clinical studies, and your personal information always remains HIPAA-compliant and is never released to any third-party. You may elect to not participate or to withdraw from clinical studies at any time.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our clinic at any time!
Address: 920 E 800 N Suite 202, Orem, Utah 84097
Phone: 801-500-3001

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