Optimize your performance, healing, and recovery with nutrition

Nutrition is a fascinating topic where knowledge is continually advancing and which closely intertwines with biochemistry, cell biology, and exercise science. With a generally healthy diet, the body can generally adapt to a variety of nutritional sources with overlapping and compensatory metabolic pathways. However, for athletes who have prolonged training loads, immense metabolic demands, stressful training schedules, and strict diets, we want to biohack nutrition to get the most potent desired effects on performance while not diminishing any essential micronutrients that are essential for long-term health and performance. Similarly, for those seeking to lose weight or optimize their metabolic health, we can also do many lab tests of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, hormones, and other factors that can impact your performance.

For those seeking maximal understanding of their health status, we can order an intricate panel of bloodwork to test a wide range of micronutrients, vitamins, hormones, macronutrients, lipids, sugars, antioxidants, organ functions, allergens, and metabolic screenings that help you understand how to best tailor your health goals. We discuss the most relevant nutrition to your particular sport, training regimen, weight loss program, or medical condition and provide several nutritional recovery options. Optimizing nutrition for each individual can take time, but we provide good principles, personalized modifications, and specific data that can easily be adapated to your training loads and cycles below, and we have a youtube video discussing the best nutrition for injury prevention and recovery as well as for optimal recovery, healing, function, and performance.

Although athletes may not realize it, top athletic performance often depends as much on tendons and ligaments as it does on muscle, especially in sports like running and climbing. Vitamins and minerals act as essential "co-factors" that help tissues continually rebuild themselves and help cells and enzymes do their vital jobs. Thus is it essential to optimize the nutritional health for your particular training and activity. Most vitamins and minerals do not need excessive supplementation, but many athletes have been surprised to find that in the process of their intense training and high metabolic demands they have become deficient in one or more nutrients despite reporting a generally healthy diet. The knowledge below helps athletes protect themsevles and optimize their performance naturally. The obligatory disclaimer: this is for informational purposes only, not entirely comprehensive, and your own situation may be unique and should therefore be implemented in consultation with a professional who is knowledgeable about this information and can link it in with the rest of your medical history. Some of the supplements described below are discussed because we do NOT recommend them, and we do not endorse any particular brand of supplements, but we do offer pharmaceutical grade quality of many of these vitamins and nutrients as IV drips and injections in the clinic for those who need them:


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