High Altitude Medicine

We offer a variety of high altitude medicine, wilderness medicine, critical care response, search & rescue, and remote expedition healthcare services.


We provide a variety of high altitude medicine, critical care, and remote expedition healthcare services. This includes both clinic and mobile medical care, diagnostics, imaging, surgical interventions, intensive care, wound care, suturing, casting, search and rescue, and other forms of urgent care.

High altitude medicine is a vast and interesting field with much to still learn and explore. Rather than be entirely comprehensive, this page is intended to be a condensation of useful information, ideas, insights, research, experience, advice, and references.

Fluid Management at High Altitude:

High Altitude Medications:

Hormones at High Altitude:

Hypoxic Conditioning:

High Altitude Training & Adaptation:

Nutrition for High Altitude:

Emergency Treatments:


Also see emergency first aid trauma kit gear and a summary description on YouTube for further information.

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